What’s Next

When I decided to write my first book, I did so because I had a story to tell that I knew because I lived it. I have accomplished that goal. It took 5 years of starting and stopping, but I finally got there. I loved the process so much that I have begun writing my next novel. I am one who never enjoyed reading novels unless they were based on a real-life situation. My favorite is autobiographies and mysteries. I have read every Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie novel. The historical fiction book is now my favorite because I love history, especially genealogy or family history. This next novel will be a story based in the early days of our republic about families grown out of tragedy and triumph, and one born out of scandal. I look forward to bringing it to you soon.

Please read Finding Faith. I believe you will find something in the story that you can relate to and that it give you hope and…faith! Faith is a heroine that everyone can love and cherish. She experiences deep hurt and, for years, carries immense guilt and shame. But, after discovering her past, she discovers her true worth and allows herself to heal. This leads her to the greatest love of all.

You can find it on Amazon as well as other online book retailers. It is available in paperback and ebook.

Thank you for your support.