Finding Faith, my first novel, was published December 9, 2022. This is a multi-generational story of Faith Robert’s and her search for identity. It is a story that I believe many people can relate to in one or more ways. One of the things we learn as we become adults is that everything in life is not meant to be easy. We truly cannot grow as human beings unless we encounter trials. We are so self-centered as children and teenagers that we often cannot relate to what others are experiencing. Part of that is because of brain development and the other is that they don’t have the life experience to understand that there are those who have much more difficult lives than we. Trials provide us with difficult choices.  The choices we make, whether good or bad, will aid us in future decision making.  

This is what my central character, Faith Roberts finds out as she comes into adulthood and experiences pain deeper than what she experienced as a child and young adult. We see her go through some truly tragic circumstances well before she discovers her birth story.  Additionally, sometimes it takes learning family secrets to find yourself. This is true in blood relationships as well as adoption.

That’s the lesson at the heart of Faith Roberts’s quest to find her biological family. The ripple effect of life choices made many generations before her reveal dark secrets but also provide opportunities for healing and appreciation of the adopted family she had not recognized or allowed herself to feel. Sometimes adoptees who go looking for their families get lucky and they are welcomed and find new people to love. But, then there are those reunions, like Faith discovered, that show adoptees that the grass isn’t always greener on the blood side. In Faith’s case, the readers can see the reflection of past generations who made horrendous, if not despicable, choices onto their descendants. Generation after generation suffered for the behaviors of those who came before. Does she stay or does she walk away? That’s a not uncommon circumstance many adoptees find themselves in.

I hope you will read Faith’s story and gain a greater relationship with those you call “family”.

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